Aspects to take into account when choosing Breast Size

One of the issues most demanded by patients is the choice of breast size. Here come into play several factors: each woman is different, height, overall weight or even the size of the thorax in women of equal weight, can make what for one is too much for another falls short.

Normally, patients look for a breast that gives naturalness to their silhouette where the volume could correspond to about 260 or 370cc. There are larger volumes, but it is normal to increase the current breast by 1 or 2 sizes.

Therefore what should we take into account when choosing?

Previous measures: We must take into account the contour, the width, the distance between areolas and the breast groove. Breast surgery will be totally personalized.

The shape of the breasts: Before the operation, we must observe the shape of the natural breasts, as they significantly influence the final result. In case the patient has a breast of small size, the increase should not be very exaggerated.

The width of the breast: Measuring the width of our breasts is essential to know the right size for the future prosthesis. If we choose a diameter greater than our breast capacity, the result will not be satisfactory.

Medical recommendations: Although we carry a clear idea from home, it is always advisable to listen to the recommendations of surgeons and other professionals.

Do not give importance to the experiences of others: If your friend has not been satisfied with her breast enlargement, it does not mean that you should have the same thing. Each case is different and unique. Read more how to measure breast size from Victoria’s secret.

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