Used materials

The breast augmentation is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the size and shape of the female breast area. Many women today opt for this type of surgery to feel better about them and get more out of their beauty.

Let us know some most important things about Breast Augmentation:

About the Breast Augmentation surgery:

In the surgery of Breast Augmentation, local anesthesia is used with sedation and usually lasts about two hours. A small incision is made in areas where scars may be as inconspicuous as possible, such as in the breast groove (under the chest) or around the areola. Next, a pocket is created to place the prosthesis under the chest muscle or under the tissue of the operated area.

The most used materials for chest implants:

Among the most used materials for this type of operation are silicone prostheses and serum prostheses that have different characteristics:

Silicone prosthesis: They are the most used. Silicone prosthesis is composed of three layers of polyurethane and its filling can be of two types:

Cohesive gel: It is characterized by a greater union between the molecules of the gel, which gives it greater density. In the unlikely event of the prosthesis breaking, the gel, being more consistent, does not migrate to other parts of the body.

Soft gel: The shape of this type of prosthesis changes depending on the movements and the pressure that is made on the breast. In case the prosthesis was broken the gel would come out of the capsule, spreading through the breast tissue. So it is not recommended at all.

The prosthesis of serum: The content of this type of prosthesis is compatible with the organism so that in case of breakage of the material or leakage of the capsule, it could be reabsorbed by the body itself. Despite this, we also find some disadvantages such as the loss of volume of the breast over time or the ripple of the upper part of it. BBC article about the history of breast enlargements.